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Lord, Charles Chase, 1841-1911; Lord, George E. (George Eugene), 1852-, A history of the descendants of Nathan Lord of ancient Kittery, Me (1912), Concord, N.H., Rumford Press, 1912

James 4 (Richard 3, Nathan 2, Nathan 1) Lord was born February 24, 1711 ; married Sarah Libby, daughter of Deacon
Benjamin Libby and Sarah Stone. The following children were baptized at South Berwick, Me.: Sarah, baptized November 9,
1735; married James Smith, December 12, 1754; Mary, baptized June 9, 1737; died young; Richard, baptized October 22, 1738;
Anna, baptized February 11, 1743-4; Jacob, baptized March 23, 1745-6 ; Adam, baptized December 27, 1747; Mary, baptized
August 27, 1744; Keziah, baptized August 25, 1751; Daniel,baptized June 10, 1753; Benjamin, baptized December 14, 1755. 
Lord, James (I30095)
10502 {Gwaithfoed} Mathew, John (I12367)
10503 “April [1799],” Founders Online, National Archives, last modified February 21, 2017, [Original source: The Diaries of George Washington, vol. 6, 1 January 1790 - 13 December 1799, ed. Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1979, pp. 340-345.]

"Col. Charles Little and William Adams both owned land adjoining GW’s land being surveyed this day. William Adams (1723-1809), son of Gabriel Adams, Sr. (d. 1750), and Priscilla Pearson Adams, had served as a colonel of militia, vestryman of Truro Parish, justice of the peace, and sheriff of Fairfax County. His home, Church Hill, adjoined GW’s land on the southwest. Adams was an early Methodist convert, and his home was headquarters for Bishop Francis Asbury when he was traveling in the area (Steadman [2], 223-24)."


Source:Some Eighteenth Century Family Profiles, Part I, by Donald A. Wise; Arlington Historical Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 1, October 1977

William Adams (1723-1809) who was prominent in county affairs served as
a colonel in the Fairfax County Militia, Truro Parish processioner in 1775, sheriff
in 1768, vestryman of Truro Parish in 1765, and justice of Fairfax County in
1770. Adams married Ann Lawyer (1732-88) of Stafford County and they had
1) Simon Adams who married Catherine Wren
2) (The Reverend) William^ Adams, Jr.
3) (The Reverend) Samuel Adams who married Hannah Wren
4) (The Reverend) Wesley Adams who was married four times:
a) Catherine Alexander Binns, b) Ann Summers, c) Elizabeth Hughes,
and d) Priscilla Larkin. Upon his father's death, Wesley inherited Colonel
William Adams' dwelling house and plantation.
5) John^ Adams who married Sarah
6) Sarah Adams who married (The Reverend) William Walters
7) Edward Adams who married Jemima West
8) Ann^ Adams who married Colonel George Minor
9) Susannah Adams who married twice:
a) Lewis Hipkins, and b) Richard Wren
10) Margaret 
Adams, COL. William (I11574)

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