September 6, 1788 - Partick Kendrick - 165 ac. - part Treasury Warrant #19435, dated September 16, 1783 on Indian Creek, corner of Kendrick's settlement Tract, near Indian Creek by the side of the main county road, crossing Indian Creek, near a tract of Rev. James Madison 298. September 6, 1798
Patrick Kendrick - 25 ac. part Treasury Warrant 871, dated November 28, 1794, on the south side of the north fork of the Clinch River, corner to Kendrick's survey, now occupied by William Samples.

In 1785, an indeterminate number of the two families migrated to Southwest Virginia.
Patrick Kendrick, Sr. and other families settled on the Clinch River near the present village of Raven.
John and Elizabeth (Horton) Kendrick located to the south side of Kents Ridge on the south fork of the stream which was later Maidens Spring or Little River.