Winthrop Fleet 1630, England to Massachusetts
Sources: The Winthrop Fleet of 1630_: (An Account of the Vesselseake, Robert Fien English Homes from Original Authorities), by Charles Edward Banks. Winthrop webpages:

The Winthrop Fleet consisted of eleven ships sailing from Yarmouth, Isle of Wright to Salem. Some sailed April 8, arriving June 13, 1630 and the following days, the others to sail in May, arriving in July. The total count of passengers is believed to be about seven hundred because Winthrop wrote to his wife just before they set sail that there were seven hundred passengers. Financing was by the Mass. Bay Company.

Sailed April 8 1630:
- the Arbella flagship with Capt Peter Milburne,
- the Ambrose,
- the Hopewell,
- the Talbot

Sailed May 1630:
- the Charles,
- the Mayflower,
- the Jewel,
- the Success,
- the Trial,
- the Whale,
- the William and Francis.

Six months after their arrival, Thomas Dudley [future governor of Massachusetts] wrote to Bridget Fiennes, Countess of Lincoln and mother of Lady Arbella and Charles Fiennes, that over two hundred passengers had died between their landing April 30 and the following December, 1630. That letter traveled via the Lyon April 1, 1631 and reached England four week later.

The following people arrived on the ships:
A –
Abbott, Daniel, Cambridge; Abell, Robert of Hemington, Leicestershire 36 pg 91Boston; Agar, William probably of Nazing, Essex (From Essex to Watertown 36 pg 54 Watertown; Alcock, George probably of Leicestershire (From Impington, Cambridgeshire to Roxbury 36 pg 13 Roxbury; Alcock, Mrs., Sister of Rev Thomas Hooker; Alcock, Thomas, brother of George, Dedham; Aleworth, Francis; Andrew, Thomas, Watertown; Archer, Samuel, Salem; Aspinwall, William of Manchester, Leicestershire (36 pg 88), Boston; Aspinwall, Mrs. Elizabeth; Aspinwall, Edward; Audley, (Odlin) John, Boston;

B –
Baker, John, possibly from Norwich, Norfolk, bound for Charlestown, Ref: Pope. 36 pg 119. Baker, Mrs. Charity; Balston, William, Boston [and] Balston, Mrs. Elizabeth; Barsham, William, Watertown; Bartlett, Thomas, Watertown; Bateman, William not on all lists; Baxter, Gregory prob of Sporle, Norfolk, 36 pg 121, Roxbury; Beamsley, William Boston [and] Beamsley, Mrs. Anne; Beecher, Thomas of Stepney, Middlesex (From St Mary's, Whitechapel, London, aboard the Talbot., bound for Boston. Ref: Banks, Mss. 36 pg 102), Charlestown; Beecher, Mrs. Christian; Belcher, Edward of Guilsborough, Northamptonshire, 36 pg 126, Boston; Belcher, Mrs. Christian; Belcher, Edward Jr.; Bendall, Edward of Southwark, Surrey or London, 36 pg 105, Boston; Mrs. Anne Bendall; Benham, John, Dorchester; Biggs, John (Bigges) of Groton, Suffolk, Boston [and] Bigges, Mrs. Mary; Black, John, Charlestown; Boggust, John, prob of Boxted, Essex; Boswell, John of London, Boston; Bosworth, Zaccheus of Stowe, IX Churches, county Northants, 36 pg 128, Boston; Bourne, Garret, Boston; Bowman, Nathaniel, Watertown [and] Bowman, Mrs. Anna;Bradstreet, Simon of Horbling, Lincoln, 36 pg 95, Cambridge; Bradstreet, Mrs. Anne; Brand, Benjamin, prob of Edwardston, Suffolk, 36 pg 152, Boston; Bratcher, Augustine, Charlestown; Brease, ____prob of Edwardston, Suffolk;Brenton, William of Hammersmith, Middlesex, Boston; Brett, Isabel; Bright, Henry of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, Watertown; Browne, Abraham of Hawkdon, Suffolk, Watertown; Browne, Mrs. Lydia; Browne, James, Boston; Browne, Richard of Hawkdon, Suffolk, Watertown; Browne, Mrs. Elizabeth;Browne, George; Browne, Richard Jr.; Brown, John and Samuel, Listed in Banks Topo: From London and Roxwell, Essex, aboard the Talbot, bound for Salem. Ref: Savage and Mass Bay Record. 36 pg 51 &107; Buckland, William of Essex, Boston, Hingham, and Rehoboth; Bugby, Richard, prob Saint John Hackney, Middlesex, Roxbury; Bugby, Mrs. Judith; Bulgar, Richard, Boston; Bulgar, Mrs.Burnell/Bunnell, William, Boston; Burr, Jehu, prob of Essex, Roxbury & Fairfield; Burr, Mrs. Burroughs, Robert;

C –

Cable, John prob of Essex, Dorchester, Fairfield; Cakebread, Thomas of Hatfield Broadoak, Essex, Dedham; Cakebread, Mrs. Sarah; Chadwick, Charles, Watertown; Chadwick, Mrs. Elizabeth; Chambers, Anne; Chase, William prob of county Essex, Roxbury; Chauner, Margery; Cheesebrough, William of Boston, Lincolnshire, Boston, Rehoboth; Cheesebrough, Mrs. Anne; Cheesebrough, Sarah; Cheesebrough, Peter; Cheesebrough, Samuel; Cheesebrough, Nathaniel; Child, Ephraim of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, Watertown; Child, Mrs. Elizabeth; Church, Richard prob of Polstead, Suffolk [and] daughter Abigaill born 1647, 4 pg 4, Boston; Clarke, John of county Suffolk, Boston; Clarke, William of London, Watertown; Clarke, Mrs. Elizabeth; Clough/Cluffe, Richard, Charlestown; Cobbett, _____, possibly Thomas of Newbury, Berkshire bound for Ipswitch? 36 pg 5; Coddington, William of Boston, Llncolnshire, Boston and Newport; Coddington, Mrs. Mary; Colbron, William of Brentwood, Essex, Boston; Colbron, Mrs. Margery; Colby, Anthony, Boston and Salisbury; Colby, Mrs. Susanna Haddon; Cole, John of Groton, Suffolk, Boston; Cole, Rice, Charlestown; Cole, Mrs. Arrold; Cole, Robert of Navistock, Essex, Roxbury; Cole, Samuel of Mersey, Essex, Boston; Cole, Mrs. Anne; Converse, Edward prob of Shenfield, Essex, Charlestown; Converse, Mrs. Sarah; Converse, Phineas; Converse, John; Converse, Josiah; Converse, James; Cooke, Margaret; Cowlishaw, William of Nottingham, Boston; Cowlishaw, Mrs. Anne; Crabb, John; Crafts, Griffin, Roxbury; Crafts, Mrs. Alice; Crafts, Hannah; Cranwell, John of Woodbridge, Suffolk, Boston; Cribb, Benjamin; Crugott, James;

D –

Dady, William prob of Wanstead, Essex, Charlestown; Dady, Mrs. Dorothy; Dady, Charles; Deekes/Dix, Edward, Charlestown; Deekes, Mrs. Jane; Devereux, John, probably of Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk; Diffy, Richard, Watertown; Dillingham, John of Bitteswell, Leicestershire, Boston; Dillingham, Mrs. Sarah; Dillingham, Sarah; Dixon, William, Boston and York, Maine; Doggett, John, Watertown and Martha's Vineyard; Doggett, Mrs. John; Doggett, Thomas; Doggett/Downing, James; Dudley, Thomas of Yardley, Northamptonshire, Cambridge; Dudley, Mrs. Dorothy [Yorke]; Dudley, Samuel; Dudley, Anne; Dudley, Patience; Dudley, Sarah; Dudley, Mercy; Dudley, Thomas; Dutton, ____;

E –

Edmunds, John, Boston; Mrs. Mary Edmonds; Eggleston, Bigod of Settrington, Yorkshire, Dorchester, Windsor; Ellis, Arthur; Elston, John, Salem;

F –

Fayeweather, Thomas, Boston; Feake, Robert of London, goldsmith, Watertown; Fiennes, Charles and sister Lady Arbella [and] Finch, Abraham, Jr., children of an earl of Yorkshire (?), Watertown; Finch, Daniel; Finch, John;Firmin, John of Nayland, Suffolk, Watertown; Firmin, Giles Jr. of Nayland, Suffolk; Firmin, Mrs. Martha Doggett; Fitzrandolph, Edward of Sutton in Ashfield, Notts, Scituate; Fox, Thomas, Cambridge; Foxwell, Richard prob of London, tailor, Boston, Barnstable; Foxwell, Mrs. Foxwell, John; Freeman, Samuel of St. Anne, Blackfriars, London, Watertown; Freeman, Mrs. Apphia Quick; Freeman, Henry; French, Thomas of Assington, Suffolk, Boston and Ipswich; French, Mrs. Susan Riddlesdale; French, Thomas Jr.; French, Alice;French, Dorcas; French, Susan; French, Anne; French, John; French, Mary;Frothingham, William of Holderness, Yorkshire, Charlestown; Frothingham, Mrs. Anne;

G –

Gage, John prob of Polstead, Suffolk, Boston; Gage, Mrs. Amy; Gager, William of Suffolk, surgeon, Charlestown; Garrett, Hugh prob of Chelmsford, Essex, Boston; Garrett, Mrs.Garrett, Hannah Garrett;Gibson, Christopher of Wendover, Bucks (36 pg 11), Dorchester; Gibson, Mrs. Mary; Gibson, Elizabeth of Saint Andrew the Great, Cambridge, Salem; Giver/Gyver, Bridget of Saffron Walden, Essex, Boston; Glover, Ralph of London, Boston; Glover, John of Rainhill, Lancashire, Dorchester; Glover, Mrs. Anne Goldthwaite,Thomas, Roxbury; Goldthwaite, Mrs. Elizabeth Gosnall, Henry, probably of Bury Saint Edmunds, Suffolk, Boston; Gosnall, Mrs. Mary; Gosse/Goffe, John, Watertown; Mrs. Sarah Gosse; Goulworth, John; Gridley, Richard of Groton, Suffolk (Ref: NEGR 76/240. 36 pg 154), Boston; Gridley, Mrs. Grace; Gridley, Joseph; Gridley, Abraham;

H –

Haddon, Garrett, Cambridge, Salisbury; Haddon, Mrs. Margaret; Hale, Robert, Charlestown; Hale, Mrs. Joan Hall, John of Whitechapel, London (36 pg 102), Charlestown; Hall, Mrs. Joan Dove; Hammond, Phillipa; Mrs Harding, Robert, prob of Boreham, Essex, Boston; Harris, Thomas, Charlestown; Harris, Mrs. Elizabeth Harwood, Henry, prob of Shenfield, Essex, Boston; Harwood, Mrs. Ellzabeth; Hawke, ____; Hawkins, John; Hawthorne, William of Binfield, Berks, Dorchester and Salem; Hesselden, Francis; Hoames, Margaret; Hoffe, Atherton; Hopwood, Edward; Horne, John, Salem; Hosier, Samuel of Colchester, Essex, Watertown; Howlett, Thomas of county Suffolk, Boston; Hudson, William, prob of Chatham, Kent, Boston; Hudson, Mrs. Susan; Hudson, Francis; Hudson, William; Hulbirt, William, Boston and Northampton; Hutchins, Richard; Hutchinson, George of London, Charlestown; Hutchinson, Mrs. Margaret; Hutchinson, Thomas of London, Charlestown;

I –

Ijons/Irons, Matthias prob of Roxwell, Essex, Boston; Ijons, Mrs. Anne;

J –

James, Edmond of Earls Barton, Northants, Watertown; James, Mrs. Reana; James, Thomas of Earls Barton, Northants, Salem; James, Mrs. Elizabeth; James, William of Earls Barton, Northants, Salem; James, Mrs. Elizabeth; Jarvis, John, Boston; Johnson, Davy, Dorchester; Johnson, Francis of London, Salem; Johnson, Mrs. Joan; Johnson, Isaac of Clipsham, Rutland, Boston; Lady Arbella Johnson, sister to Charles Fiennes, dtr of Thomas & Bridget, Earl & Countess of Lincoln (died Aug 1630); Johnson, John, Roxbury; Johnson, Mrs. Margaret; Johnson, Richard, Charlestown; Johnson, Mrs. Alice; Jones, Bethia, Boston; Jones, Edward of Chester, mercer, Charlestown;

K –

Kidby, Lewis of Groton, Suffolk, Boston; Kidby, Mrs. Kidby, _____; Kidby, Edward; Kingsbury, Henry of Groton, Suffolk, Boston; Kingsbury, Mrs. Margaret Kingsbury, Henry Jr.; Kingsbury, Thomas; Knapp, Nicholas, prob of Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk, Watertown; [Knopp, William with wife, Judith (Tue) Knopp and six children]; Knapp, Mrs. Elinor Knapp, William, prob of Bures Saint Mary, Suffolk, Watertown; Knapp, Mrs. Knapp, John; Knapp, Anne; Knapp, Judith;Knapp, Mary; Knapp, James; Knapp, John; Knapp, William Jr.; Knower, George of London, Charlestown; Knower, Thomas of London, clothier, Charlestown;

L –

Lamb, Edward, Watertown; Lamb, Thomas, Roxbury; Lamb, Mrs. Elizabeth; Lamb, Thomas Jr.; Lamb, John; Lamb, Samuel; Lamb, Roger;

Lawson, Henry Learned, William prob of Bermondsey, Surrey Charlestown Learned, Mrs. Judith Leatherland, William Boston Legge, John Lynn Lockwood, Edmondof Combs, Suffolk Cambridge Lockwood, Mrs. Elizabeth Lockwood, ____Lockwood, Robertof Combs, Suffolk Watertown Lynton, Richard prob from London Watertown Lynton, Mrs. Lynton, Anna Lynton, Lydia Lynn, Henry, Boston; Lynn, Mrs. Sarah

M –

Masters, John, Watertown; Masters, Mrs. Jane; Masters, Sarah; Masters, Lydia; Masters, Elizabeth; Masters, Nathaniel; Masters, Abraham; Matson, Thomas of London, gunsmith, Boston; Matson, Mrs. Amy/Ann; Mayhew, Thomas of Tisbury, Wilts, Watertown, Martha's Vineyard; Mayhew, Mrs. Mayhew, Thomas Jr.; Miller, Alexander prob the servant of Israel Stoughton; Millett, Richard; Mills, John prob of Lavenham, Suffolk, Boston; Mills, Mrs. Susan Mills, Joy; Mills, Mary; Mills, John; Mills, Susanna; Mills, Recompense; Morey, Roger of Dorsetshire, Salem; Morley, Ralph of London, Charlestown; Morley, Mrs. Katherine; Morris, Richard prob of London, Boston; Morris, Mrs. Leonora; Morris, Thomas prob of Nottingham, Boston; Morris, Mrs. Sarah; Morton, Mary; Moulton, Thomas, Charlestown; Moulton, Mrs. Jane; Mousall, Ralph prob of London, Charlestown; Mousall, Mrs. Alice; Munt, Thomas prob of Colchester, Essex, Boston; Munt, Mrs. Dorothy;

N -

Nash, Gregory, Charlestown; Nash, Mrs. Needham, AnnNicolls, _____Norton, George, from London, aboard the Talbot, bound for Salem. Ref: Pope. 36 pg 108; Nowell, Increase of London, Charlestown; Nowell, Mrs. Parnell Gray;


Odlin, John (see Audley);

P –

Page, John of Dedham, Essex, Watertown; Page, Mrs. Phoebe Paine; Page, John Jr.; Page, Daniel; Painter, Thomas, Boston and Hingham; Painter, Mrs. Katherine; Palmer, Abraham of Canterbury, Kent, Charlestown; Palmer, Mrs. Grace; Palsford, Edward; Palsgrave, Richard prob of London, (from Stephney, Middlesex. 36 pg 112), Charlestown; Palsgrave, Mrs. Anne; Palsgrave, John; Palsgrave, Anna; Palsgrave, Mary; Palsgrave, Sarah; Parke, Robert prob of Bures, county Suffolk; Parke, Mrs. Martha Chaplin; Parke, Thomas; Parke, _______Parke, _______ Parke, _______; Parker, Robert, Boston; Patrick, Capt Daniel, Watertown; Patrick, Mrs. Pelham, William, Boston; Pemberton, James, Charlestown; Pemberton, Mrs. Alice; Pemberton, John, Boston; Pemberton, Mrs. Elizabeth; Penn, James, Boston; Penn, Mrs. Katherine; Penn, William of Birmingham, Warwick, Charlestown; Penniman, James of Widford, Essex, Boston; Penniman, Mrs. Lydia [Eliot]; Perry, Isaac, Boston; Peters, Anne Pettit, Salem; Phillips, Rev. George of Raynham, Norfolk, Watertown; Phillips, Mrs., daughter of Rev Sergeant Phillips, Samuel; Phillips, Abigail; Phillips, Elizabeth; Phillips, John, Dorchester; Phillips, Mrs. Joan; Phillips, John (whose home is where William Shurtleff was killed by lightning in 1666), Plymouth; Pickering, John prob of Suffolk, Cambridge; Pickering, Mrs. Esther Pickering, George; Pickering, John; Pickering, Joan; Pickworth, John; Pierce, John, Dorchester; Pierce, Mrs. Parnell; Pierce, Experience; Pierce, Mercy; Pierce, Samuel; Plaistow, Josiah of Ramsden Crays, Essex, Boston; Pollard, Mrs. Anne from Saffron Walden, Essex (as a girl, nine or ten on passage, died 105 years old); Pond, John of Groton, Suffolk, Boston; Pond, Robert of Groton, Suffolk, Dorchester; Pond, Mrs. Mary; Porter, John, prob of Bromfield, Essex, Roxbury; Porter, Mrs. Margaret Porter, _____Porter, _____Porter, _____Porter, _____; Pratt, Dr. Abraham of London, surgeon, (lost at sea with wife off coast of Spain in 1644), Roxbury; Pratt, Mrs. Jane; Pynchon, William of Writtle, Essex (from Springfield, Essex, aboard the Arabella, bound for Dochester, Springfield, MA, Ref: Savage. 36 pg 52), Dorchester; Pynchon, Mrs. Agnes; Pynchon, John; Pynchon, Anne; Pynchon, Mary; Pynchon, Margaret;

R -

Rainsford, Edward, Dorchester; Rainsford, Mrs. Ratcliffe, Philip, probably of London, Salem; Rawlins, Thomas, Roxbury; Rawlins, Mrs. Mary; Rawlins, Thomas; Rawlins, Nathaniel; Rawlins, John; Rawlins, Joan; Rawlins, Mary; Reade, Thomas of Wickford, Essex, Salem; Reade, Mrs. Priscilla; Reading, Joseph, Boston; Reading, Miles, Boston; Reeder, [John]; Revell, John;Reynolds, Robert, prob of Boxford, Suffolk, Boston; Reynolds, Mrs. Mary [Pulleyne]; Reynolds, Nathaniel; Reynolds, Ruth; Reynolds, Tabitha; Reynolds, Sarah; Richardson, Ezekiel of Westmill, Herts, Charlestown; Richardson, Mrs. Susanna [Bradford] ; Royse/Ryse, Robert, prob of Exing, Suffolk, Boston; Royce, Mrs. Ellzabeth; Ruggles, John, prob of Glemsford, Suffolk, Boston; Ruggles, Mrs. Frances; Ruggles, ______; Ruggles, Jeffrey of Sudbury, Suffolk; Ruggles, Mrs. Margaret;

S –

Sales, John of Lavenham, Suffolk, Charlestown; Sales, Mrs. Sales, Phoebe; Saltonstall, Sir Richard of London, Watertown; Saltonstall, Richard Jr.; Saltonstall, Samuel; Saltonstall, Robert; Saltonstall, Rosamond; Saltonstall, Grace; Sampson, Robert (from Kersey, Suffolk, aboard the Arabella, bound for Boston, Ref: Winthrop, 36 pg 157); Sanford, John prob of High Ongar, Essex, Boston; Saxton, Rev. Giles of Yorkshire, Charlestown; Scott, Robert, Boston; Seaman, John, Watertown; Seely, Robert, Watertown; Sergeant, _____; Sharp, Robert of Roxwell, Essex, Boston; Sharpe, Thomas of London, leather-seller, Boston; Sharpe, Mrs. Sharpe, ____; Sharpe, Thomas; Shut, _____; Simpson, _____; Smead, _____of Coggeshall, Essex; Smead, Mrs. Judith Smead, William; Smith, ____of Buxhall, Suffolk; Smith, Mrs Smith, ____; Smith, ____; Smyth, Francis prob of Dunmow, Essex, Roxbury; Smyth, Mrs. Squire, Thomas? (possibly a title?); Stearns, Isaac of Stoke Nayland, Suffolk, Watertown; Stearns, Mrs. Mary Barker; Stearns, John; Stearns, (Abigail); Stearns, Elizabeth; Stearns, Hannah; Stileman, Elias of Saint Andrew Undershaft, London, Salem; Stileman, Mrs. Judith Adams; Stileman, Elias Jr.; Stoughton, Israel of Coggeshall, Essex, Dorchester; Stoughton, Mrs. Elizabeth; Stoughton, Thomas of Coggeshall, Essex, Dorchester; Stoughton, Mrs. Sumner, William, of Bicester, Oxford, Dorchester; Sumner, Mrs. Mary West; Sumner, William Jr.; Swaddon, Philip, Watertown; Swanson, Anna;

T –

Talmadge, William of Newton Stacey, Hants, Boston; Talmadge, Mrs.; Taylor, Gregory, Watertown; Mrs. Achsah Taylor;Taylor, John of Haverhill, Suffolk, Boston; Taylor, Mrs.Taylor, _____; Timewell, William; Tomlins, Edward of London, Lynn; Turner, Nathaniel prob of London, Saugus; Turner, Robert prob of Southwark, Surrey, Boston; Tyndal, Arthur of Great Maplestead, Essex (aboard the Arabella, Bound for Boston, Ref: Winthrop, 36 pg 45), Boston;

U –

Underhill, Capt. John of Holland, Boston; Underhill, Mrs. Helen;

V –

Vassall, William of Prittlewell, Essex, (duplicate on Blessing), Charlestown; Mrs. Anne [King] Vassall; Vassall, Judith; Vassall, Francis; Vassall, John; Vassall, Anne;


Wade, Thomas; Walker, Robert of Manchester, Lancashire, Boston; Walker, Mrs. Sarah [Leager]; Wall, ______; Wall, Mrs. Ward, Thomas, prob of Bedingham, Norfolk, Dedham; Warren, John of Nayland, Suffolk, Watertown; Warren, Mrs. Margaret [Bayly] [and infant daughter, Elizabeth]; Waterbury, William of Sudbury, Suffolk, Boston; Waterbury, Mrs. Alice; Waters, John of Nayland, Suffolk, Charlestown; Waters, Mrs. Frances; Waters, Mary; Waters, ____; Waters, ____; Weaver, _____; Webb, Richard of Nayland, Suffolk, Cambridge; Webb, Mrs. Elizabeth; Weed, Jonas, Watertown; Weillust, Joist of Holland, Boston; Weldon, Robert, Charlestown; Weldon, Mrs. Elizabeth; Weston, Francis, Salem; Weston, Mrs. Margaret; Weston, Lucy; Wilbore, Samuel, Boston [and] Wilbore, Mrs. Anne [Bradford]; Wilkinson, Mrs. Prudence, Charlestown; Wilkinson, Sarah; Wilkinson, John; Wilkinson, Elizabeth [Isabel]; Williams, Thomas, Charlestown; Williams, Thomas als Harris?; Williams, Robert; Wilsby, ______; Wilson, Rev John of Sudbury, Suffolk, Boston; Wilton, David, Dorchester; Wing, Elizabeth; Winthrop, John of Croton, Suffolk, Boston; Winthrop, Henry (child, accidental drowning); Winthrop, Stephen; Wlnthrop, Samuel; Woods, William, Boston; Woolrich, John, probably of London, Charlestown; Woolrich, Mrs. Sarah; Wormewood, _____; Wright, Richard of Stepney, Middlesex, Boston; Wright, Mrs. Margaret; Wright, Elinor; Wright, Robert of London, Boston.