Vermont, USA



Latitude: 43.8726, Longitude: -71.55


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1   Vermont, USA I30352
2   Vermont, USA I24633
3   Vermont, USA I24634
4   Vermont, USA I29143
5   Vermont, USA I33324
6   Vermont, USA I33325
7 (Harvey), Cynthia L  Feb 1834Vermont, USA I29221
8 (Powers), Anna  Abt 1875Vermont, USA I30856
9 (see research note for possiblity), Unknown Harvey  Vermont, USA I33299
10 Bar, Evi L  1814Vermont, USA I29188
11 Bishop, Alonzo  Vermont, USA I30855
12 Bishop, Eliott  Abt 1852Vermont, USA I30853
13 BISHOP, Ellen  Abt 1855Vermont, USA I30444
14 Bishop, Lucie A.  Vermont, USA I30854
15 Carver, Eleazer  26 Apr 1790Vermont, USA I23027
16 Cisco, Abigail  16 Jun 1795Vermont, USA I32294
17 Dutcher, Charlotte  1787Vermont, USA I29556
18 Emerson, Eunice  Abt 1793Vermont, USA I6817
19 Green, Arthur C  Abt 1883Vermont, USA I30858
20 Harvey, Alfred L.  Abt 1875Vermont, USA I23823
21 Harvey, Allice G.  1863Vermont, USA I24454
22 Harvey, Betsey  Abt 1822Vermont, USA I23883
23 Harvey, Charles C  1853Vermont, USA I29222
24 Harvey, Charles M.  Abt 1869Vermont, USA I23826
25 Harvey, Daniel  2 Feb 1827Vermont, USA I23818
26 Harvey, Daniel L.  Abt 1876Vermont, USA I23822
27 Harvey, Edsen O.  1858Vermont, USA I29215
28 Harvey, Eugene C.  Abt 1874Vermont, USA I23824
29 Harvey, Ferdinand  1821Vermont, USA I23680
30 Harvey, Francis A.  Abt 1848Vermont, USA I30585
31 Harvey, James  May 1860Vermont, USA I29216
32 Harvey, Kenneth Eugene  25 Apr 1905Vermont, USA I23831
33 Harvey, Kerras R.  Abt 1879Vermont, USA I23820
34 Harvey, Marquis D. Layfayette  1827Vermont, USA I29181
35 Harvey, Olive Marthy  19 May 1904Vermont, USA I23832
36 Harvey, Orpha  1853Vermont, USA I29213
37 Harvey, Oscar  1855Vermont, USA I29214
38 Harvey, Parmelia  26 Jan 1796Vermont, USA I33342
39 Harvey, Ruth M.  Abt 1878Vermont, USA I23821
40 Harvey, Stanley Chapin Sr  13 Sep 1907Vermont, USA I23833
41 Harvey, Walter  May 1896Vermont, USA I30623
42 Niles, Thomas Ellverton  Vermont, USA I18047
43 Ransom, Elizabeth  Abt 1791Vermont, USA I24446
44 Rumboldt, Eva Lalover  May 1890Vermont, USA I30581
45 Sprague, Martha  1841Vermont, USA I23819
46 Stinchfield, Hannah  Abt 1795Vermont, USA I23069
47 Taylor, Elsie E.  1885Vermont, USA I29248
48 Tracy, Mabel M.  23 Sep 1866Vermont, USA I24456
49 TRACY, Valerie Irene  14 Dec 1942Vermont, USA I30817
50 Wiley, Sally  15 Nov 1798Vermont, USA I32340
51 Winslow, Abby  Abt 1836Vermont, USA I29919
52 Winslow, John D  Abt 1845Vermont, USA I29923
53 Winslow, Josiah  Abt 1843Vermont, USA I29922
54 Winslow, Lucy  Abt 1838Vermont, USA I29920
55 Winslow, Mirantha  Abt 1841Vermont, USA I29921


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Harvey, Nathaniel  18 Aug 1814Vermont, USA I3531
2 Wood, Rachel  Bef 1850Vermont, USA I32362
3 Wright, Anna  1815Vermont, USA I30416


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Harvey, Doris Thelma  Vermont, USA I23834
2 Harvey, John Vernett  Vermont, USA I30609
3 Harvey, Kenneth Eugene  Vermont, USA I23831
4 Harvey, Leslie Raymond  Vermont, USA I23937


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Harvey / Chapin  1893Vermont, USA F9015
2 Hinds /   Abt 1843Vermont, USA F21188
3 Mosher / Emerson  Abt 1817Vermont, USA F2999
4 Willey /   Vermont, USA F21173
5 Willey /   Abt 1807Vermont, USA F21197