Of, Denmark



Latitude: 56.2639200, Longitude: 9.5017850


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alfsdatter, Gauthild (Gyrithe)  Abt 614Of, Denmark I7113
2 Biornsson, Miss  Abt 1010Of, Denmark I6201
3 Biornsson, Siward  Abt 1020Of, Denmark I6123
4 Bjornsen, Asmund  Abt 1047Of, Denmark I4805
5 Denmark, Gunhild Queen of  Abt 930Of, Denmark I6197
6 Frodasson, Mrs-Fridleif  Abt 307Of, Denmark I7346
7 Gandolfsdatter, Alfhild  Abt 735Of, Denmark I7035
8 Gandolfsson, Haki  Abt 741Of, Denmark I6968
9 Gandolfsson, Helsing  Abt 739Of, Denmark I6967
10 Gandolfsson, Hysing  Abt 737Of, Denmark I6966
11 Gormsson King Of Denmark, Harald "The Blue  Abt 910Of, Denmark I5948
12 Halfdansson King In Sweden, Ivar "Vidfame"  Abt 612Of, Denmark I7073
13 Haraldsdatter Queen Of Norway, Thyra  Abt 947Of, Denmark I6202
14 Heidreksson, Mrs-Angantyr  Abt 532Of, Denmark I7296
15 Hraereksson, Harald "Hilditonn"  Abt 655Of, Denmark I7025
16 Hraereksson, Mrs-Harald  Abt 659Of, Denmark I7011
17 Hroarsson, Mrs-Valdar  Abt 549Of, Denmark I7336
18 King Of Denmark, Norway And England, Svend I  965Of, Denmark I5696
19 Northumbria, Erik (Hring) King In  Abt 967Of, Denmark I6199
20 Olafsson, Alf  Abt 580Of, Denmark I6865
21 Radbartsdatter, Miss  Abt 675Of, Denmark I7111
22 Radbartsson, Mrs-Randver  Abt 674Of, Denmark I7110
23 Radbartsson, Randver  Abt 670Of, Denmark I7070
24 Randversson King In Sweden, Sigurd "Ring"  Abt 730Of, Denmark I7071
25 Sigurdsdatter, Aslaug  Abt 765Of, Denmark I7038
26 Svendsdatter Princess Of Denmark, Estrid  Abt 997Of, Denmark I4872
27 Ulsiusson, Mrs-Biorn  Abt 980Of, Denmark I6200


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Gardarige / Ivarsdatter  Abt 669Of, Denmark F3146
2 Halfdansson / Halfdansson  Abt 564Of, Denmark F3225
3 Halfdansson / Ivarsdatter  Abt 654Of, Denmark F3141
4 Halfdansson King In Sweden / Alfsdatter  Abt 632Of, Denmark F3147
5 Haraldsson King In Sweden / Kinriksdatter  Abt 611Of, Denmark F3143
6 Radbartsson / Radbartsson  Abt 709Of, Denmark F3145
7 Sigurdsson / Sigurdsdatter  Abt 783Of, Denmark F3128
8 Sigurdsson / Sigurdsson  Abt 839Of, Denmark F3133