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10501 Percy, BARON PERCY Henry De (I13496)
10502 Aubigny (Albini), EARL OF SUSSEX William "Earl of Arundel" D' (I13607)
10503 Botiller (Butler), LORD JUSTICE OF IRELAND Theobald "Le Butzllen" Le (I13614)
10504 Ros, Joan De (I13688)
10505 Courtenay, Earl of Devon Hugh De (I13809)
10506 Saint John, Agnes (I13821)
10507 Badlesmere, BARONESS ROS Margery De (I13925)
10508 Badlesmere, BARONESS TYBOTOT Margaret (I13928)
10509 Courtenay, EARL OF DEVON Hugh De (I14091)
10510 Dinham, KNIGHT John De (I14235)
10511 Zouche, BARON ZOUCHE (OF HARYNGWO William Iii La (I14277)
10512 Zouche, BARON ZOUCHE OF HARYNGWOR William Ii La (I14279)
10513 Braose (Breuse), Baron Brewose William De (I14597)
10514 Berkeley, LORD OF BERKELEY Robert "The Rebellious" De (I15395)
10515 De Berkeley, Lord of Berkeley Thomas "The Observer or Temporiser" (I15471)
10516 Paulet (Powlett), MARQUESS OF WINCHESTER William (I15538)
10517 Beauchamp, EARL OF WARWICK Guy De (I15598)
10518 Beauchamp, EARL OF WARWICK William De (I15903)
10519 Plessis, KNIGHT Hugh Du (I15953)
10520 Chandos, Roger (I15985)
10521 Chandos, Roger De (I15987)
10522 Chandos, Robert (I15991)
10523 Brydges (Bruges), SHERIFF OF GLOUCESTER Giles (I16081)
10524 Brugge, Esquire Thomas (I16082)
10525 Chaundos, KNIGHT John (I16279)
10526 Chaundos, KNIGHT Thomas (I16301)
10527 Chaundos, KNIGHT Roger (I16303)
10528 Chaundos, Baron of Snodhil Robert (I16305)
10529 Grandison, BARON GRANDISON Piers (Peter) De (I16322)
10530 Grandison, John (I16384)
10531 Wilson, Alice Fay (I16421)
10532 Wilson, Joycie May (I16424)
10533 Wilson, Daltha Jane (I16425)
10534 Wilson, Eunice Melva (I16426)
10535 Wilson, Ertie Leroy (I16428)
10536 Wilson, Margaret Ethel (I16429)
10537 Spencer, Rosalie (I16430)
10538 Juel, Louis A. (I16434)
10539 Horn, Johnny (I16435)
10540 Guiles, Shirley Ann (I16436)
10541 Newman, Evelyn (I16456)
10542 Wheeler, Mary Lou (I16457)
10543 Newman, Margaret (I16459)
10544 Newman, Ernest Harold (I16460)
10545 Newman, Roy Wilbur (I16461)
10546 Newman, Rayborn Otto (I16462)
10547 Newman, Lucille (I16463)
10548 Newman, Gladys Louise (I16464)
10549 Newman, Frances Marion (I16465)
10550 Garner, Mary Louise (I16502)
10551 England, Edward (I16503)
10552 Robbins, Joseph Marion (I16507)
10553 Robbins, Hermon (I16508)
10554 Robbins, Glenn (I16509)
10555 Robbins, Cecil (I16510)
10556 Robbins, Pauline (I16511)
10557 Robbins, Arvilla (I16512)
10558 Robbins, Dorothy (I16513)
10559 Icenogle, Phyllis (I18114)
10560 (Cain), Ethyl Ewing (I18138)
10561 Bunnell, Frederick (I18248)
10562 Edson, Amphillis (I18857)
10563 Henrich, Elizabeth (I23096)
10564 unkown, Polly (I24333)
10565 Schantz, Magdalena (I26595)
10566 Mischler, Joannes Nicolaus (I26596)
10567 Ernst, Henry (I26611)
10568 Abbott, Patience (I30143)
10569 Blott, Judith (I30185)
10570 Chick, Elizabeth (I30186)
10571 Chick, Mary (I30189)
10572 CHICK, Richard Jr. (I30191)
10573 CHICK, Winifred (I30193)
10574 Lord, Benjamin Meeds (I30197)
10575 Lord, David (I30198)
10576 Lord, Jeremiah (I30201)
10577 Lord, Joshua (I30204)
10578 LORD, Margaret (I30206)
10579 Lord, Nathan (I30211)
10580 LORD, Nathan V (I30214)
10581 Lord, Nicholas (I30215)
10582 Lord, Sarah (I30217)
10583 Lord, Simon (I30219)
10584 Lord, Solomon (I30220)
10585 Roberts, Benjamin (I30223)
10586 Roberts, Hatevil (I30224)
10587 Roberts, Lydia (I30225)
10588 Roberts, Nathan (I30226)
10589 Roberts, Samuel Jr. (I30227)
10590 Roberts, Sarah (I30229)
10591 Tozier, Thomas (I30236)
10592 la Zouche, ROHAN-CHABOT Elena (I31373)
10593 Family F11376
10594 Yorkshire Parish Records, Leeds, England: West Yorkshire Archive Service Source (S746)
10595 young Humphrey, Mina Esther (I6241)
10596 Young Percy, Walter De (I13036)
10597 Young Percy, Richard De (I13037)
10598 Young Percy, William De (I13038)
10599 Young Segrave, John De (I15775)
10600 Zacharia Glover and Mary Polly Johnson are NOT this Eliza Jane Glover's parents

Zacharia and Polly had a daughter, Eliza Jane Glover b. 1816 who married Dunivan (Mabel Logue Hopkins, The Crittenden-Tucker and Related Families, 1960, page 44-47 (MFH - Dec 2017). They had children through 1852, well after John Stuart and our Eliza Jane Glover were married and having their own children. Therefore, Zacharia and Polly are NOT this Eliza Jane Glover's parents as stated in some genealogies! 
Glover, Eliza Jane (I1945)
10601 Zachariah was living in Millington Parish, East Haddam in 1782.
Harvey, Zachariah (I32319)
10602 Zion Mennonite Cemetary Krebill, Otto Christian (I3250)
10603 Zion Mennonite Cemetery Krebill, Agnes (I3040)
10604 Zion Mennonite Cemetery Raid, Howard Daniel (I26798)
10605 Zion Mennonite Cemetery Schrepfer, Verda Mae (I26876)
10606 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F7741
10607 Zofingen Wullschlegel, Anna Maria (I9796)
10608 Zula Zon Hervey was born at Concordia, KS. July 10, 1883, the sixth child of Henry Harrison Hervey and Lucia Stoner Hervey. After the death of Lucia Stoner Hervey, Alton Sankie and his sister Zula Zon Hervey were adopted by Peter and Mary Harsh and Zula apparently kept the last name "Harsh" all her life. Hervey, Zula Zon (I3640)
10609 [According to Aunt Alice Dennis was a son to Mary Harvey also], told to
Heather Hulett Harvey about 1986. 
HALL, Dennis Guy (I30562)
10610 _ITALIC: Y

Filmed by the Genealogical Society, Salt Lake City, Utah
Source (S399)
10611 _ITALIC: Y
Source (S400)
10612 _ITALIC: Y
Source (S398)
10613 _SUBQ:
Source (S846)
10614 _SUBQ:
Source (S850)
10615 _SUBQ:
Source (S861)
10616 _UID0187E9C38A23D6498BA1790AC536C82EA0BF Family F8852
10617 _UID0A0200663D656F45B904BBECF6F0FC7D8BE1 Family F8812
10618 _UID0C881A0C19806F438CFC0408EEC3537815C0 Family F8843
10619 _UID10A85007A8401C41A1A1244658C264EE6C95 Family F8860
10620 _UID142AE0997F2CE04BBB64311E760BC9377C08 Family F8872
10621 _UID16076CC2DD0CCE458918270FF3B66E0237D5 Family F8815
10622 _UID19FEAA087532404888DBBEDC7352766E9EE9 Family F8848
10623 _UID2017AB28D9944540A5E05745E3096189F3D2 Family F8845
10624 _UID287AE18FAB6C4647B7DD2671FC802393133F Family F8863
10625 _UID28A2656FB8DC434D9A750DE7388773443B01 Family F8818
10626 _UID2DDA8A08338FBF45B6573F667E1130B484BE Family F8802
10627 _UID2F83D093AC9AE741A2C0C8249075F8D5A389 Family F8809
10628 _UID3E3B169BAB28784583A466AF1DC2B872FF40 Family F8825
10629 _UID41F650561ADF56458123C8218D27B81E8857 Family F8859
10630 _UID4576556B17DAAE4EBF347C9EDDF5177BD9A9
Family F8866
10631 _UID4964E684485FC047918853D7F4685AD89621 Family F8813
10632 _UID4AA63594868AFD42B700C13EB38EB4A05320 Family F8836
10633 _UID4C15380A1A4BC04FACBBD815F5BCB4DCAC87 Family F8855
10634 _UID52E5BE3E4651294F82E6C5C382CB5E411E66 Family F8804
10635 _UID530308E03557944E844B57236D709CF36101 Family F8824
10636 _UID55419EB92EC49C40A5480775E997275823B6 Family F8805
10637 _UID55E166FC2437FD468A882AE9E2D97A41D11D Family F8849
10638 _UID56FF0660517BA143AB27E1403BBDC5233EFE Family F8870
10639 _UID596961BCF9832C418262816C879CF22DDBC0 Family F8811
10640 _UID60513DA810252040BFFE857ED58135067C39 Family F8876
10641 _UID654BF0408E702E4A8C8F3DCAC5E8D98A88A4 Family F8861
10642 _UID69440D088D27AD418F535ADD6618384073B8 Family F8853
10643 _UID6BECDB7F07BB2E47B6D4A19B52FC7B4CC360 Family F8814
10644 _UID7356167118AF4944B195F0F2C6624873AF44 Family F8820
10645 _UID7C281491B6DDB24FB7BF096ECD58610F5FA9 Family F8828
10646 _UID8208C645E1F64249BFDCE7FC744AC53E36F8 Family F8819
10647 _UID854EDFFD5A3BFD4C88EA9ABDF562816A9895 Family F8854
10648 _UID89D837B5A21C1D4FA2D21503C2C018EA87DD Family F8810
10649 _UID89E00D8DD3026A4BB1FA0168C11E3DC27F56 Family F8857
10650 _UID8A4DC2B0F42F2A4EA5995F46FEDAD141B1DE Family F8834
10651 _UID8D6D66DCF4C12C419E9219D9A5A54BEE0377 Family F8867
10652 _UID994A03E36F23D14AAED234D246D9C23310EA Family F8827
10653 _UID9DC15D19303E4748BAEC3BDB767A78332808 Family F8839
10654 _UIDAA0EF45F6304C1439D29CD8D2736DCA1707F Family F8878
10655 _UIDAA2A4B07B0AE1B40B7B94C7CD28F056AE7F7 Family F8850
10656 _UIDAB2EE1C8FADA92458C1D5D8F95D16C56EA28 Family F8874
10657 _UIDACCD254C747A184DB5CBE87DC94ED1899347 Family F8821
10658 _UIDAF687A99E43A1D42849ABEADDE3C9C8D7337 Family F8823
10659 _UIDB04F5DFE1840664C8FDEFAF4B2E533058E31
Family F8829
10660 _UIDB057A94298DC85469B86F0A556048DE1AFA7 Family F8856
10661 _UIDB4F2A18D01D87E4A9BA4B244972412178E16 Family F8847
10662 _UIDB50CF72297B5BE49A6796682C2EAED76439B Family F8837
10663 _UIDB74397BB2104A249A862075B485E2235C54D Family F8833
10664 _UIDC30DA5980724E44989281472E8B603E320C7 Family F8806
10665 _UIDC5FB668672C9C74B8ED9CA6FB457E045C9EB Family F8871
10666 _UIDC619B2BAEEF7FC4EA6BB91C9D0A2534D4719 Family F8803
10667 _UIDC6379BA15F06514D9D084FE6A51862E91ED6 Family F8826
10668 _UIDC85E8B961A703A4FA6D5B2AA77A9FCD72474 Family F8808
10669 _UIDD902B9996F59874493BB6BC0AB2F1E2051CE Family F8873
10670 _UIDDDB3F141DD8EF84C86D3DB078AAE84B119BF Family F8840
10671 _UIDE1C46221249B9049A4D61B178D569EDAC77A Family F8835
10672 _UIDE69899AF96083D429EED485C46C7706EFD3F Family F8846
10673 _UIDEABEAD85B097F848AC192CBD6A5E774E9CB4
Family F8864
10674 _UIDEB0A1D7084423C46801151EF1B4ADB5E39C6 Family F8875
10675 _UIDED45BD6C68309F4E9DDD64FABABD27C41AEF Family F8830
10676 _UIDF01ECF2D4184044D9AB02BDB802ECCCEB8CB Family F8865
10677 _UIDF0A414AAD87A264E9A18273D913AFAA19408 Family F8862
10678 _UIDF23B72DE651F954C954B220D90D6FA63B481 Family F8816
10679 _UIDF30C072E4AAA0B42A43BF9AAEDE4603B6362 Family F8868
10680 _UIDF5527DF3519DB444BBD779C638520D767B15 Family F8858
10681 _UIDFBF6532AA8EA0F488AC704E501335EE50862 Family F8851
10682 _UIDFDAD55686CB6274C9C52A13E3577477B3751 Family F8869
10683 ________________________________________________________________
Pettit Peregrinations, 654 to 1961, page 16:

Abrahzm Mellowes, father of Christian Mellows, was born aboct 1569, He invested fifty pounds In the Massachusetts Bay Company and came to New England on August 99, 1633, He died in May 1639,

Christian Mellowes was born about 1649. Her mother wz,s Martha Bulkeley, born about 1572. She descended from King Edward Knights of the Garter and f rom eight Sureties of the Magna Charta of A, D. 1215.


History of Thomas Pettit and Christian Mellowes (from Pettit Peregrinations)
· 3 January 2014 ·

Thomas Pettit married Christian Mellowes in County Essex, England, in November 1629, five months before they sailed on the Ship "Talbot" which left England in March 1629-30. After three months at sea, they landed at Charleston (Cambridge) July 2, 1630. It was just twenty days after Winthrop's Flag Ship the "Arabella" landed at Salem.

In 1630, Winthrop's First Fleet of seventeen vessels brought about one thousand Puritans to America. Most of these were from the vicinity of Saffron Walden. Two hundred of them died before December of that year. They brought with them horses, cows, goats, and materials for planting, fishing and building. The Arabella sailed March 1629-30 and berthed sixty days later at Salem, New England on June 12, 1630, before proceeding to Charlestown. Governor John Winthrop and Thomas Dudley were on the Arabella.

Anna Pettit was baptized as "daughter of Henry Pettit" at Saffron Walden April 9, 1610, according to the Cathedral records. She was a passenger on the Arabella. On August 9, 1630, she (Anna Pettit-Peters) transferred her membership from the Salem Church to the Boston Church, being entered as Member No. 104. Later she joined Roger Williams in Rhode Island.

John Pettit I, born in England about 1608, came to America on the Talbot, the same ship that carried Thomas Pettit and his wife Christian Mellowes. The Talbot carried Thomas Pettit and his wife Christian Mellowes and her brother Oliver Mellowes, a widower born in 1597.

Oliver Mellowes was a manufacturer of "says and pays". "Says" was a coarse woolen serge and "pays" a cotton cloth with extra long nap. Thomas Pettit worked for his brother-in-law three and a half years to pay for the passage money advanced for himself and his wife. John Pettit worked one and a half years to pay for his passage.
Abraham Mellowes, father of Christian Mellowes, was born about 1569. He invested fifty pounds in the Massachusetts Bay Company and came to New England on August 19, 1633. He died in May 1639.

Christian Mellowes was born about 1611. Her mother was Martha Bulkeley, born about 1572. She descended from King Edward Knights of the Garter and from eight Sureties of the Magna Charta of A. D. 1215.

Thomas Pettit, born in Widford, England about 1609, died in Newtown, Long Island, before October 1668. He was granted a house plot on January 8, 1637-8 in Boston where the Capitol now stands (1961). John Hancock later built the finest mansion in New England on a lot between Oliver Mellowes and Thomas Pettit's lots. This house was torn down in 1856, but a bronze plate marks the location.

Crossing the Atlantic in 1629 was not a "Luxury Cruise". The Talbot carried about sixty passengers together with their livestock and supplies. The passage took sixty days (from March to June) a turbulent season on the North Atlantic. Through all the hardships of a sail crossing, Thomas Pettit's wife, Christian Mellowes, waited her fateful day of confinement, hoping that her new son would be born in the new land of freedom. Her desires were almost attained, or were they actually realized? Her son Thomas Pettit 2nd was born in Salem harbor while his shipmates were waiting the thrill of taking their first steps on the hallowed soil of America. Hardships of the past and fears of the future were forgotten in the wails of the new born boy to whom thousands of descendants today spread throughout the United States and Canada, owe their gratitude and pay homage for his staunch defense of the principles of liberty so firmly ingrained in his character by that illustrious father, Thomas Pettit, 1st.

Life in New England was by no means easy or even peaceful. The arduous job of building houses from native materials and providing food from the earth and sea left no time for idleness. Two hundred of the first one thousand arriving in Winthrop's Fleet died by the following December. Although the original incentive for the migration was to obtain religious and personal liberty, intolerance soon became an accepted public policy.

Thomas Hooker who was driven out of Essex in 1630 went to Delft, Holland. He came to Boston in 1633 and became Pastor of the Church in Newton (Cambridge). Dissatisfied with the lack of liberty among the Puritans of Massachusetts he led a party of one hundred persons on foot, driving their cattle with them, to found Hartford, Connecticut.

Roger Williams was driven from Boston because he preached the principles that one hundred and fifty years later were to form the basis of the Constitution of the United States. He found sanctuary among the Indians across the Bay. The Indian Chief gave him a tract of land to live on where he later attracted the dissidents of Boston and established the town of Essex.

Mrs. Anne Hutchinson with her brother-in-law, the Reverend John Wheelright, were arrested in April 1638 for non-conformity. Thomas Pettit who sympathized with Mrs. Hutchinson was arrested on suspicion of "slander, insubordination, and inciting to riot". He was convicted and sentenced "to receive thirty lashes and be held in goal". The Church and State were one at that time. Later the Hutchinson group were released on agreeing to leave the Colony within ten days. Mrs. Hutchinson with about twenty followers joined Roger Williams at his "Rhode Island Plantation". Thomas Pettit went to the Falls of the Piscataqua in New Hampshire with the Reverend John Wheelright where they settled on a tract of land obtained from the Indians. There they founded the town of Exeter and in 1638 established the Congregational Church. Thomas Pettit received six acres and thirty poles as his share of Exeter Uplands. On July 4, 1637, they joined in signing "The Exeter Combination", a Declaration of Independence. Half of the signers made their 'mark', but Thomas Pettit's signature is seen in excellent handwriting. Each letter is printed separately in his signature.

In 1647 Thomas became Chief Military Man and Inspector of the staves. He served as Selectman of Exeter from 1652 to 1655. He and Christian, his wife, had a daughter, Hannah, born in Exeter in early February 1647/8. His son Thomas Pettit, Junior, received a grant of thirty acres of land in 1649 (Bell's History of the Town of Exeter p-18-32) Los Angeles Library Gen. R. 974.22.E 96 Be.).

Thomas senior was one of the signers of a petition sent to the General Court in behalf of Exeter in October 1651 and signed a contract with three others in behalf of the town agreeing to make fair payment to Mr. Dudley the town Minister.

John Pettit, brother of Thomas Pettit Senior, with his family settled in Stamford Connecticut where their names appear frequently on the town records as receiving allotments of land, on birth and death records and on the official papers as public officers.

Thomas Pettit Junior's name appears on the town Register for May 20, 1652.
In 1654 the Duke of York (brother of Charles II) granted all of the land east of the earlier Connecticut grant to the Massachusetts Bay Colony. This enabled the Bay Colony to surround the settlements of Exeter and in order to survive, Exeter was forced to be reinstated with the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Thomas Pettit was unwilling to again be under that jurisdiction so he with eight children (Thomas Junior born in Salem Harbor in 1630, Sarah born in Boston in 1634, Joseph born in Boston in 1636, Elizabeth born in Exeter in 1637, John born in Exeter in 1638, Mary born in Exeter in 1640, Nathaniel born in Exeter in 1645, and Hannah born in Exeter in 1647) and other settlers sold his property and moved to Long Island. They petitioned Governor Stuyvesant and were granted the right to settle in Queens County where they named their settlement Newtown. It was later changed to Elmhurst. The Dutch had settled this general area as early as 1644 and called it Mittleburg. It was south of Hempstead on the coast.

Soon after their arrival in Newtown the Town Marshall was voted out of office for exercising his duties in an objectionab1e manner. Thomas Pettit, Senior, was elected to that office on May 8, 1657. This developed family complications since Nathaniel Pettit, his son, had fallen in love with Mary Bailey the deposed Marshall's daughter.

Thomas Pettit's name was on the list of Freeholders in 1666. Thomas Pettit, Senior (1st), died before October 1668. He was fifty nine years old.

William Alfred Pettit Sr. Pettit Peregrinations 654 to 1961. J. Grant Stevenson, B. Y. U., Provo, Utah. 1961. Pages 15-19.

Pedigree of author: William Alfred Pettit, Sr.-Edwin Pettit-Jesse and Mary Pettit-William Pettit-Increase Pettit-Joshua Pettit-Thomas Pettit III-Thomas Pettit II-Thomas Pettit I and Christian Mellowes

Biography re-typed by Lucille Layton Davidson in approximately 1990 (Mary Lucille Layton Davidson-Mary Leone Green Layton-Mary Isabell Pettit Green-Edwin Pettit); scanned and converted to electronic text by Richard H. Thornton on 04 January 2007

From Long Island Surnames,

"I have found information stating that Christian was the daughter of Oliver Mellowes, and other information that states she was
the daughter of Abraham and Martha Mellowes, and sister to Oliver.

The fact that she was married in Essex, England in Nov. 1629, proves that she could not be the daughter of Oliver Mellowes. Oliver was not born until 1598 and was first married to Marie James on Aug 13, 1620 in Boston, England. Christian would only be 9 years old at the time she was married.

The Wurtz Magna Charta does list Christian Mellowes as the daughter of Abraham and Martha Bulkeley Mellowes. She was born about 1611, and this would make her 18 years of age when she was married. I wrestled with this for some time, and could not find evidence that would support the claim of Oliver being her father."

Jim Pettit 
Mellowes, Christian (I31171)
10684 ___________________________________________________________________________________
Lord, Charles Chase, 1841-1911; Lord, George E. (George Eugene), 1852-, A history of the descendants of Nathan Lord of ancient Kittery, Me (1912), Concord, N.H., Rumford Press, 1912

James 4 (Richard 3, Nathan 2, Nathan 1) Lord was born February 24, 1711 ; married Sarah Libby, daughter of Deacon
Benjamin Libby and Sarah Stone. The following children were baptized at South Berwick, Me.: Sarah, baptized November 9,
1735; married James Smith, December 12, 1754; Mary, baptized June 9, 1737; died young; Richard, baptized October 22, 1738;
Anna, baptized February 11, 1743-4; Jacob, baptized March 23, 1745-6 ; Adam, baptized December 27, 1747; Mary, baptized
August 27, 1744; Keziah, baptized August 25, 1751; Daniel,baptized June 10, 1753; Benjamin, baptized December 14, 1755. 
Lord, James (I30095)
10685 {Gwaithfoed} Mathew, John (I12367)
10686 “April [1799],” Founders Online, National Archives, last modified February 21, 2017, [Original source: The Diaries of George Washington, vol. 6, 1 January 1790 - 13 December 1799, ed. Donald Jackson and Dorothy Twohig. Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1979, pp. 340-345.]

"Col. Charles Little and William Adams both owned land adjoining GW’s land being surveyed this day. William Adams (1723-1809), son of Gabriel Adams, Sr. (d. 1750), and Priscilla Pearson Adams, had served as a colonel of militia, vestryman of Truro Parish, justice of the peace, and sheriff of Fairfax County. His home, Church Hill, adjoined GW’s land on the southwest. Adams was an early Methodist convert, and his home was headquarters for Bishop Francis Asbury when he was traveling in the area (Steadman [2], 223-24)."


Source:Some Eighteenth Century Family Profiles, Part I, by Donald A. Wise; Arlington Historical Magazine, Vol. 6, No. 1, October 1977

William Adams (1723-1809) who was prominent in county affairs served as
a colonel in the Fairfax County Militia, Truro Parish processioner in 1775, sheriff
in 1768, vestryman of Truro Parish in 1765, and justice of Fairfax County in
1770. Adams married Ann Lawyer (1732-88) of Stafford County and they had
1) Simon Adams who married Catherine Wren
2) (The Reverend) William^ Adams, Jr.
3) (The Reverend) Samuel Adams who married Hannah Wren
4) (The Reverend) Wesley Adams who was married four times:
a) Catherine Alexander Binns, b) Ann Summers, c) Elizabeth Hughes,
and d) Priscilla Larkin. Upon his father's death, Wesley inherited Colonel
William Adams' dwelling house and plantation.
5) John^ Adams who married Sarah
6) Sarah Adams who married (The Reverend) William Walters
7) Edward Adams who married Jemima West
8) Ann^ Adams who married Colonel George Minor
9) Susannah Adams who married twice:
a) Lewis Hipkins, and b) Richard Wren
10) Margaret 
Adams, COL. William (I11574)

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