Kentucky Genealogy and Biography vol. V; Repriinted from Kentucky: a history of the State be Battle-Perrin-Kniffin. Edlited by Thomas W. Westerfield, Copywright 1975. Published by Genealogical Reference Company, Owensboro Kentucky, Page 268

SMITH THOMAS STONE was born September 22,1830 near Camp Dick Robinson, Garrard Co., Ky., where he grew to manhood and still resides. His father, Smith Stone also a native of Garrard County, was born in 1788, near Dick's River he furnished a subsitute in the was of 1812; was an upright man, a farmer, a millwright, a Baptist and a Whig, a Union man, lost thirty slaves in the late war and died February 28, 1875. He was born the son of Spencer Stone, and Virginian, a pioneer of Kentucky when the inhabitants had to seek safety in forts and stations from marauding bands of Indians. He was a Baptist and a Whig, a farmer and slave-holder, and died about 1838,age over eighty years. He married Miss Smith and there offsprings were John, Caleb, Elias, Silas, Smith, William, Nancy (Clemmons, Montgomery), Lucy (Ganes, Formann).Mary (Collier, Allen). Smith marrier Mary, daughter of Isaac and Ester Montgomery (born December 28,1791 and died April 14, 1874) and from there union rang Matilda (Davis), Melinda (Hodges),Esther (Onstott), Elizabeth (Baker), Ephraim M.,Sally S. (Hudson), Mary (deceased), George W. (deceased), Robert S., Smith T., and Isaac (deceased), August 6,1863 Smith Thomas Stone married Maggie K.,Daughter of Asa and Mary (Arthur) Runyon of Knox County (born April 1, 1841), and to them have been born Mary J. (Warner), Silas S. ( Married Ethel Crutchfield, December 24, 1886), Lulu B. (married Cyrus Dailey), Minnie M., Thomas A., (deceased), Maggie B., and William B. are two grandchildren. Mr. Stone owns 200 acres of productive land He is President of the Sugar Creek Turnpike Company, a member of the K and H a Democrat and a prohibitionist. His family are Baptists.