(62) ELISHA HARVEY (Samuel, William, Thomas, Thomas).

Born at Sunderland, Franklin county, Mass., 9 March, 1719- Some years later he removed with his parents to Montague in the same county, and about 1740 he removed to Northampton, Mass., where, prior to 1744, he united with the first Church of that town under the ministry of the Rev. Jonathan Edwards, D. D., afterwards President of Princeton College. A few years later Elisha Harvey removed to Durham, Middlesex county, Conn., and early in 1750 he took up his residence at East Haddam in the same county, where, as well as the adjoining township of Lyme, several of his second cousins—Harveys and Willcys—were at that time residing.

His first purchase of land in East Haddam was from Joseph Pickett in June, 1750. He was admitted to the East Haddam Congregational Church 29 Dec, 1751, "by a letter of ecommendation from the First Church of Northampton." 26 Dec, I753  he w as married at Lebanon, Conn., to Zurviah Huntington (b. 23 July, 1727), eldest daughter and third child of "Deacon" Samuel and Hannah (Metcalf) Huntington* of Lebanon.

Elisha Harvey died at East Haddam 3 May, 1800, and his son Samuel was appointed administrator of his estate. "Fifteen acres of land lying in E. Haddam Landing, near the river, with an orchard sufficient to make thirty barrels of cider in a year, and ten acres of woodland two miles from said Landing, adjoining the cove," formed a portion of the estate.

Zurviah {Huntington) Harvey died at East Haddam 3 Jany, 1801.