Kentucky, USA



Latitude: 37.825, Longitude: -84.2333


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1   Kentucky, USA I30289
2   Kentucky, USA I30290
3 Anna J.  Dec 1855Kentucky, USA I10359
4 (Borer), Tabitha  1807Kentucky, USA I26410
5 Bloyd, Elizabeth Mary  Abt 1810Kentucky, USA I30082
6 Borer, William H.  1797Kentucky, USA I2226
7 Braun, Theodore  1872Kentucky, USA I26255
8 Davis, Edward  Abt 1780Kentucky, USA I18926
9 Davis, Mary A.  Apr 1829Kentucky, USA I22889
10 Davis, Robert Montgomery  Abt 1805Kentucky, USA I1032
11 Dorsey, Sally Ann  Abt 1808Kentucky, USA I6245
12 Duncan, George  5 Jul 1801Kentucky, USA I29506
13 Duncan, Henry C  1848Kentucky, USA I29515
14 Duncan, John W  1839Kentucky, USA I29512
15 Duncan, Katie  1865Kentucky, USA I29517
16 Duncan, Malinda A  1845Kentucky, USA I29514
17 Duncan, Mary F  Abt 1832Kentucky, USA I29510
18 Duncan, Rose Jane  1835Kentucky, USA I24510
19 Fraley, Catherine  13 Jan 1818Kentucky, USA I32089
20 Frazier, Elizabeth Betty  5 Jul 1809Kentucky, USA I29507
21 Gilkison, James M.  1 Jun 1788Kentucky, USA I16621
22 Glover, Eliza Jane  Jun 1819Kentucky, USA I1945
23 Goldsby, Linn Mary  Mar 1802Kentucky, USA I30080
24 Graham, William B  1906Kentucky, USA I23403
25 Guthrie, Benjamin B  1863Kentucky, USA I27048
26 Hall, Belle  1859Kentucky, USA I33662
27 Hall (Hale), Deborah  Abt 1783Kentucky, USA I18924
28 Head, Elizabeth  11 Feb 1818Kentucky, USA I23405
29 Humphrey, Abijah  1780Kentucky, USA I23194
30 Humphrey, Albert Lee  12 Dec 1893Kentucky, USA I18699
31 Humphrey, Allie  1849Kentucky, USA I23406
32 Humphrey, Charles Thomas  8 Sep 1890Kentucky, USA I18697
33 Humphrey, E.  1846Kentucky, USA I23407
34 Humphrey, Eliza Ann  13 Dec 1841Kentucky, USA I32092
35 Humphrey, Emma  Abt 1838Kentucky, USA I31934
36 Humphrey, Frances  Abt 1840Kentucky, USA I31941
37 Humphrey, Frank  1829Kentucky, USA I23203
38 Humphrey, George  Abt 1844Kentucky, USA I31935
39 Humphrey, Hallie Bell  28 Nov 1889Kentucky, USA I18694
40 Humphrey, Hariett  Abt 1843Kentucky, USA I31942
41 Humphrey, Harold B  1841Kentucky, USA I23199
42 Humphrey, Harrison Owens  10 Jan 1897Kentucky, USA I18701
43 Humphrey, Jemima  1849Kentucky, USA I23196
44 Humphrey, John  Abt 1801Kentucky, USA I18810
45 Humphrey, John  1835Kentucky, USA I23202
46 Humphrey, John  1847Kentucky, USA I23411
47 Humphrey, John Harrison  22 Nov 1812Kentucky, USA I23412
48 Humphrey, M.  1840Kentucky, USA I23415
49 Humphrey, Martin  Abt 1807Kentucky, USA I6307
50 Humphrey, Mary  Kentucky, USA I6223
51 Humphrey, Nancy  Kentucky, USA I6222
52 Humphrey, Rachel  Abt 1849Kentucky, USA I31943
53 Humphrey, Rev Rufus B  5 Sep 1814Kentucky, USA I32088
54 Humphrey, Robert  Abt 1847Kentucky, USA I31936
55 Humphrey, Robert  Abt 1852Kentucky, USA I23417
56 Humphrey, Rufus G.  Abt 1859Kentucky, USA I32096
57 Humphrey, Sam  1852Kentucky, USA I23421
58 Humphrey, Samuel A  29 Oct 1786Kentucky, USA I18733
59 Humphrey, Sara C.  13 Mar 1849Kentucky, USA I32093
60 Humphrey, Susan  Abt 1854Kentucky, USA I23425
61 Humphrey, Tabitha  1845Kentucky, USA I23198
62 Humphrey, Thomas  1845Kentucky, USA I23426
63 Humphrey, Thos B  1848Kentucky, USA I23197
64 Humphrey, Van Dudley  20 Nov 1855Kentucky, USA I23427
65 Humphrey, Wash P  1837Kentucky, USA I23201
66 Humphrey, Wesley C.  Abt 1857Kentucky, USA I32095
67 Humphrey, William  Abt 1844Kentucky, USA I23429
68 Kendrick, Granville H  Abt 1810Kentucky, USA I31930
69 Kendrick, William  Abt 1785Kentucky, USA I31104
70 Kendrick, William  12 Sep 1813Kentucky, USA I31931
71 Mccartney, Andrew  Abt 1804Kentucky, USA I33250
72 McCartney, Sarah C  31 Dec 1848Kentucky, USA I26470
73 McCartney, William  13 Jan 1838Kentucky, USA I33249
74 McGrew, Sarah E  21 Dec 1864Kentucky, USA I22619
75 McKinney, Laura L.  1850Kentucky, USA I33601
76 Montgomery, Anne Esther  1789Kentucky, USA I29000
77 Montgomery, Elizabeth  1793Kentucky, USA I28999
78 Montgomery, William L  1786Kentucky, USA I28998
79 Moore, Nancy  Abt 1790Kentucky, USA I31927
80 Napier, James Louis  Abt 1887Kentucky, USA I1734
81 Petit, Lucy  1795Kentucky, USA I22880
82 Sanders, Francis  Abt 1802Kentucky, USA I2231
83 Sanders, Francis "Frank"  Abt 1840Kentucky, USA I2233
84 Sanders, James  Abt 1843Kentucky, USA I2265
85 Smithey, Garret  Apr 1823Kentucky, USA I24694
86 Stone, Matilda  Abt 1810Kentucky, USA I17588
87 Tongate, Berdellen  Abt Dec 1863Kentucky, USA I29412
88 Tongate, Mary E  Sep 1861Kentucky, USA I29411
89 Tucker, Frances Adelein (Adalaide)  Abt 1820Kentucky, USA I31116
90 Tungate, Elizabeth  Oct 1808Kentucky, USA I29453
91 Tungett, Daniel Willet  1838Kentucky, USA I24509
92 Tungett, James T.  Mar 1865Kentucky, USA I24511
93 Unknown, Phebe  Abt 1814Kentucky, USA I33251
94 Williams, Ernest Colvin  6 May 1904Kentucky, USA I24902
95 Wimp, Minnie E  May 1887Kentucky, USA I22620


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Colbert, Daniel Sr.  1814Kentucky, USA I29443
2 Frazier, Mary Polly  29 Nov 1867Kentucky, USA I29539
3 Humphrey, George  22 May 1834Kentucky, USA I18773
4 Humphrey, Mary  1845Kentucky, USA I6223
5 Humphrey, Samuel  24 Aug 1834Kentucky, USA I6224
6 Humphrey, Sarah P.  11 May 1878Kentucky, USA I18774
7 Kendrick, Elizabeth  Abt 1827Kentucky, USA I6365
8 Kendrick, Rachel  Kentucky, USA I31110
9 Lewis, Francis  1789Kentucky, USA I12019
10 Marksbury, Mary Milly  1812Kentucky, USA I29461
11 Montgomery, Rachel  1841Kentucky, USA I11673
12 Pettit, Obadiah  Bef 23 Jan 1808Kentucky, USA I30380
13 Tucker, Frances Adelein (Adalaide)  Kentucky, USA I31116
14 Tungate, Jeremiah  1852Kentucky, USA I29482
15 Tungate, Lucinda  1830Kentucky, USA I29480
16 White, Mary  1790Kentucky, USA I28996


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Duncan, Benjamin  Kentucky, USA I29531
2 Gilkison, James  1790Kentucky, USA I18460
3 Humphrey, George  Kentucky, USA I6397
4 Marksbury, Nancy  Between 1800 and 1900Kentucky, USA I29447
5 Marksbury, Samuel III  Kentucky, USA I29456
6 Marksbury, Samuel III  Kentucky, USA I29456
7 Marksbury, Samuel III  Between 1769 and 1831Kentucky, USA I29456
8 Marksbury, Samuel III  Between 1800 and 1900Kentucky, USA I29456


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bloyd / McMurtry  27 May 1805Kentucky, USA F11128
2 Stone / Masten  Kentucky, USA F8709
3 Summers / Hall (Hale)  Abt 1812Kentucky, USA F4654